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Fascinating trip to Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan — heart of Asia, and therefore it occupies an important place in the history and contemporary life of the region. It is because of its location, the cities in Uzbekistan developed, had trade and cultural ties with other regions. The most famous cities are Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva.


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Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand were the key stops for sellers on the Silk Road route. Today their former glory with gleaming minarets, magnificent domes and fascinating mosaic are painstakingly restored.

Amir Timur and his offsprings invited ceramists, painters and architects from all over the empire. Mosques in these cities were decorated with the best frescoes and mosaics, which were mostly brought from Persia. Fortunately, the craft continues to live in Uzbekistan, and the tourists can purchase handmade ceramics, embroidery, silk fabrics and miniatures in the madrassahs, in many of which souvenir shops have opened.


Blacksmith’s work of Bukhara is one of the oldest, because from the very outset of the existence a person engaged in metal processing. Even in the 10th century Abu Rayhon Beruni mentioned in his writings about the art of smiths in Bukhara. Previously, they were engaged in manufacturing of steel sabers and knives, medical instruments, manicure, plumbing and sewing articles, which were valued among the merchants.

In Bukhara, there are two most well-known blacksmiths hereditary dynasties — Ikramov and Kamalov. The founders of these dynasties were brothers Usto Kamol and Usto Ikrom, whose descendants continue the tradition of the family business.

Currently Bukhara craftsmen create traditional hand-made knives, scissors, swords, hoes and other special tools for other craftsmen.

During the excursion in Samarkand you happen to hear a few interesting legends and stories about this city. These stories will make you look at the Samarkand with completely different eyes.


Khiva is a living museum city, protected by UNESCO and populated by Uzbek families and businesses. A great deal of ornate mosques, mausoleums and madrassahs, including the mazes of streets, were skilfully restored. The streets are full of souvenir shops, where you can find everything — from the hand-made kettle to traditional woolen hats. But after five pm. the locals go home, and you can explore the city alone. In the fading light, and under the sky turning pink from the sunset it seems that you’re in the XII century.

Life in Tashkent and Bukhara is similar to the style of life in Europe — gardens on the shores of lakes, public parks and cafes near the main attractions in the city.


Tashkent will appeal to fans of history and local architecture. Here you can find many madrassahs and mausoleums, which differ with peculiar oriental beauty. It’s worth knowing that most of them had once been destroyed. Subsequently, these objects have been restored in order to preserve cultural heritage. This city will be interesting for connoisseurs of religion. Here are the Orthodox churches, many mosques and a Catholic churches. There are also 2 synagogues.

By the way, the city today is divided into 2 parts. Once having got in the old town, you can wander through the mall and look into the workshops of artisans in order to get acquainted with the advanced kinds of craftsmanship.

The new city, in turn, is the location of industrial facilities, parks, government offices and entertainment centers along with shopping centers.

Tashkent, Uzbeksitan

In the menu of the Uzbek ethnic cuisine can be found a lot of amazing dishes: lagman, shurpa lamb, flavored with garlic and cumin. Each region says that its pilaf recipe is the best, but in fact, it is delicious everywhere.

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